VMware Sales Rewards promotions

Promotion templates and program collateral

Client: VMware

What I did: Web design, vector illustrations, email design, collateral design

Agency: Grass Roots America

Web Page Template

VMware Sales Rewards is a program designed to reward accredited sales professionals within the VMware Solution Provider community. Promotions is an integral part of this program and it’s something that needed to be streamlined within the web app. New promotion page implementation requests usually took awhile. Turnaround time was lengthened due the approval process of design and content. The objective was to streamline the promotion process so that promotion info can be quickly updated. I was tasked with designing a page promotion template that would reduce that turnaround time by swapping out recurring information. This means that by templatizing the design and layout, the approval process time was significantly reduced.

Initial State

State One: Promotion overview

Promotion Overview: The intial state of this page before the qualification period begins.

Second State

The second state of this page is when the promotion has entered the qualification period. The second state had to account for two scenarios: either the promotion took place in a region where there were participants from different countries such as APAC or a region with just one participating country like the U.S..

State Two: Single leaderboard

Single Leaderboard

State Two: Multiple leaderboards

Multiple Leaderboards

Third State

The promotion page enters the third state when the qualification period ends. The user is presented with the winner information and a promotion overview of the promotion that ended. The third state accounts for three possible scenarios: (1) A single winner with an available photo; (2) Multiple winners with available photos; or (3) If there are no photos available, just the winner(s) will be listed along with an image of the prize.

State Three: Single winner

Single prize winner with available photo.

State Three: Multiple winners

Muliple winners with available photos

State Three: No winner’s picture/s available

No winner photo(s) available

Vector Illustrations

Custom promo logo and illustrations for the Time Will Tell promotion.

Vector illustrations


Email promo template

Program Collateral for Q42014

Branded Visa® Card Carrier Branded Visa® Card Point card